Electro-magnetic Resonance

Professional EMR solutions for education, business, art and design.

Comphrensive Engineering

We are the modern engineering firm. We offer comprehensive services from design to manufacturing and testing. We have 15 years of analytics and data to help us build the modern EMR solution.

Custom ASIC

We build and design everything, including each ASIC that controls our EMR systems. This allows us the flexibility to build the optimal solutions for your project.

Designed for You

We make digital pens for those who write and draw. We make pens for business, digital art, education and industrial because each industry has it’s own needs - each of our pens is designed with the user in mind.

Customizable Solutions

Full-customization available, from pens to sensor boards, chat with us to see the possibilities.


Business and Industrial

Digital Arts and Creative

Digitizers and Control Boards

EMR pens are part of a system that uses an embedded sensor board or Digitizer that detects where the pen tip is, if the pen is tilted and how fast the pen is moving across the screen among other inputs. The Digitizer is placed behind the writing surface and can be used with or without an LCD screen.

We make digitzer sizes from 5" - 21.5" and custom shapes in to fit a broad range of devices. We also offer drop-in modules for ease of production.

Integrating and testing

EWe assist in the integration, testing and modification of your new or existing product for optimal performance of both the pen system and your device. We are also experts at tuning pressure levels and firmware for a truly custom writing feel.