Active Capacitive

Professional solutions for education, business, art and design.

The Latest Protocols

EMRight is at the forefront of Active stylus technology for USI 2.0 and MPP 2.6. We are a Microsoft Pen Peripheral Partner as well as a Universal Stylus Initiative (USI) Contributor.

More functionality with TDDI

We co-develop our pen solutions with Taiwan’s largest touch panel companies to ensure maximum performance for a huge range of devices. With the next-generation TDDI standards, this partnership

Made with Purpose

Our pens are designed to feel natural from when you first pick it up to when you finish writing. From material selection to firmware tuning, everything plays a role in making our pens look, feel and write naturally.

Custom ASIC design

The ASICs we design in-house for each pen are optimized for speed, accuracy and battery-life for each model.

Active Pens