EMRight is teamed up by the engineers who own over 10 years of experience in stylus market and capable to offer whole sizes sensor board and controller IC for EMR type, active capacitive stylus and whole series of graphic tablets. EMRight works in close collaboration with module makers and chip manufactures to provide full product line-up and advanced technology to optimize customer's productivity. EMRight focuses on providing high performance, power efficiency, reliability, security and flexible customizations. With these rich product portfolio, it can strive to provide variety of solutions to the diverse and growing markets. EMRight continues to design and develop the newer generations of products and provide customers right products for maximum compatibility and flexibility. EMRight is committed to bring the most advanced EMR module, active capacitive stylus and graphic tablet solutions to lead the market forward and devote to be a leading design company in worldwide stylus market.


Graphic Tablet

  • 8" Wood Pad
  • 10.4" Wood Pad
  • 10.4" Entry level Tablet
  • 10.4" Professional Tablet

EMR Module

  • 3", 5", 7", 8", 10.1", 12.1" for Signature Pad
  • 19", 21.5" for VTM
  • 5.5", 6", 6.5" for Mobile Phone
  • 10.1" for Tablet PC

Active Capacitive Pen

  • AEM-100L for Win 10, Android
  • AEM-100 for Win 10, Android
  • AEM-100MS for MS Protocol certified

Graphic tablet


EMR module


Active capacitive pen


ink pen


Large size EMR module


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